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Add Directly into Alcohol Container

Reduce your alcohol usage by 50% or more, while retaining all the advantages of running with Alcohol. Alcohol Extender allows the Alcohol to work more effectively. Huge savings by reducing your alcohol use.


  • Allows you continue running the press with no adjustments
  • Developed to enhance the efficiency of alcohol on press


  • Reduces the amount of alcohol odour in the pressroom
  • Alcohol keeps on going up in price, so this provides big savings
  • Can be used on manual and automatic systems
  • Reduces the amount of hazardous material you carry
  • Helps keep your insurance costs down

Recommendations: Add contents of the pre-measured bottle right into a 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum, stir it, it mixes easily. This should reduce your alcohol consumption when mixing with water and fountain solution.

Container Size: Gallons


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