Pressroom Chemistry - Allied

All Star Fount

Concentrated Alcohol Replacement Fountain Solution

All Star Fount concentrate is a proven one-part solution to replace high dosage 2 part fountain solutions and alcohol substitutes. Other products generally require 6.5 -7 ounces combined dosage while the All Star provides ease of use, and requires only 3 - 4 ounces. Works on CtP and analog plates. Suitable for all offset inks including UV and EB.


  • Performance enhancing ingredients prevent problems before they happen
  • Excellent wetting and viscosity properties reduces surface tension to the low 30’s
  • Increased dryer content
  • Stabilized buffered PH
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors, anti mold, anti fungal ingredients
  • Increased gum and desensitizer content


  • Compatible for metal, digital and analog plates as well as non-metal laser plates
  • Shorter drying times, even on non-porous substrates
  • Razor sharp reverses, cleaner screens, improved trapping denser solids
  • Faster start up and less issues with press sensitivity on long press runs
  • Provides lubricity to blankets for fast paper release

Recommendations: Add 3 to 4 ounces per US gallon of water and mix well

Container Size: Gallons, pails and drums

Plate Type: CtP and Conventional, metal and non-metal laser plates


Our Partner For World Class Environmentally Safe CtP and Analog Solutions in the Pressroom.

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