Pressroom Colour Management Beta Screen

Beta Industries and Ernest Green & Son have been working together providing our customers with a variety of solutions in the press and prepress departments. The wide range of 'quality control products' are suitable for the offset as well as flexo.
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Black & White Light Table Film Densitometers
Betalog 77 - Measure all film sizes, density to 6.0 Transmission
Betalog 77 with Screen - Measure all film sizes, density to 6.0 Transmission
Betalog 130 - Measure film in transmission & Reflection, density to 6.0
Betalog 150 - Transmission Density to 7.0
Dottie-II - Transmission Density to 3.5
Colour Densitometers
BetaColor S1 - for the single colour press
BetaColor S2 - for the 2 colour press
BetaColor S2P - automatic press colour and polyester / metal plate measurement
BetaColor 2000 - spectro-densitometer, 7 colour recognition for the pressroom
BetaColor S4 - for the 4 colour press
BetaColor S4 Xpress - new automatic features, for newspapers and 4 colour presses
Computer to Plate
Betalog Platemaster DP - black and white reflection densitometer polyester and paper plates
MicroDottie Pro - CtP calibrator for press and prepress
Plate Dottie - for metal and polyester plates
Ultra Dottie-II - for conventional and stochastic for press and prepress
Flexo Instruments
Betaflex 334 Flexo Analyzer - for film, plates and print (also good for offset)
Betaflex System 2000 Color Control System - system for calibration, verification and control, includes Betacolor 2000 Spectrodensitometer, Betaflex 334 and Color Viewer
Specialty Products
Betagloss Meter
Blanket Gauges
Color Bars
Color Viewer
Moisture Meters
Paper Calipers
Paper Micrometers
Myron Meters
Roller Durometers
Software (Data & Statistical)
Betastat QC01
Beta Cal ILS / QC
Beta Target