Pressroom Colour Management

Colour Management allows you to calibrate each element in the production process to achieve an accurate consistent colour process for all devices. Measuring each device in the process requires producing an ICC Profile. This profile will measure the colour coming into the device and convert it, thus producing consistent accurate colour.

Using a variety of software and hardware tools, calibrate and profile your monitors, scanners, cameras, and inkjet printers. Manufacturers like Pantone, X-rite and Beta offer these profiling tools.

We offer a range of the finest pressroom products available, including everything from basic film, plate readers to full colour densitometers and spectrophotometers.

We can service your equipment if it needs repair. Short term rental of instruments is also available.

We have listed a few product definitions on some of the products we sell.

A sensitive, photoelectric instrument that measures the density of images or colours.

Transmission Densitometer
It measures light transmitted through film and calculates density and dot area. These measurements are needed for inspecting films, checking accuracy of dupes, and for calibration and linearization of imagesetters and scanners.

It measures light but it breaks downs the RGB components (in a manner similar to the human eye, a scanner or a monitor). A colour’s numeric value is then determined using the CIE XYZ colour space or one of its derivatives such as CIE L*A*B or CIE L*u*v. These are visually interpreted in a colour graph.

It measures spectral data –the amount of light energy reflected at several intervals along the visible spectrum. These measurements result in a complex data set of reflectance values which are visually interpreted in the form of a spectral curve.

This combines all the different functions of the spectrophotometer, colorimeter and the densitometer.