Flexo Packaging - Corrugated Products

C-Series Mounting material
(R/bak cushion mounting materials *)

A high quality urethane foam material with unsurpassed thickness control and superior recovery characteristics compared to competitive products.
The foam strips easily from the carrier for adhering mounting strips.
Available in a variety of thicknesses for different plate configurations.
Magnetic Backing Material
For molding or cold bond applications to plates. .030" and .050" thick.

Clear Polyester Mounting Material
Premium grade poly, .065" and 010" thick material, 62 inches wide, for mounting plates.

Tin Plate Mounting Material
0.010 inch thick material for mounting plates when utilizing magnetic cylinders.
High quality rust-resistant tin which also resists kinking.
Cement coated also available upon request (non-stock item).

Mounting Adhesives/ Cements and Thinners
Water and solvent based products
(Rapid Bond) available for permanent bonding of rubber or polymer plates.
Mounting Tapes
APR carries the most complete line of tape products for mounting all plate types to any type of carrier material.

Klearmount Translucent Mounting Material
Suitable for all mounting needs whether they be flat or square. Made of a transparent medium, comes in a variety of surfaces and colors.

Akromount Vinyl Mounting Materials
Made from pure PVC material, which has
excellent gauge control, high impact strength, flexible and easy to work with. Yields high quality printing and is easy to cut.
Available in orange, light blue, royal blue, and yellow.
Mounting and Proofing Supplies
Proofing Paper - coated, uncoated, rolls and cut-to-length.
Proofing Inks - all colors
Stretch Rulers (metal and flexible) in 36", 50" and 66" sizes
Ink Bravers/rollers - 4", 6", 8", 10"
3M Glue Guns for edge sealing Edge Sealing Tapes
Grommets, washers, clinchers and punches
Knives and razor blades

Die Sealers
Seal plates to protect the edges from inks and solvent that can weaken and breakdown the adhesion to the mounting materials.
Products are available to work with all types of mounting materials.
Adheso Graphics (AGI)
FS-23 4.5 mil, acrylic adhesive, excellent for mounting polymer plates.
FS-25 3.0 mil, acrylic adhesive, excellent for mounting polymer plates.
FS-51 3.0 mil, rubber adhesive, good for rubber or polymer plate mounting.
FS-90 5.0 mil, engineered for secure adhesion to PVC and photopolymer plates.
FS-68 2.0 mil, Fiber supported adhesive transfer, high bond shear strength for PVC mounting material.
FS-49 5.0 mil double coated poly for high bond shear strength for rubber plates. Excellent for plates with large solids where extra hold-down may be required.