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CtP Plate Cleaner, Conditioner, and Scratch Remover

CTPC is one product that provides many solutions. Our customers' CtP environment, has a product that serves as a plate cleaner, conditioner, and scratch remover. You can use a trigger sprayer, clean sponge, shop towel or cotton wipe, to apply your CTPC.


  • Contains several types of desensitizers
  • Wetting agents have been added
  • Has non-image film formers
  • Trigger sprayer allows you to control the amount you use


  • Will not cause image area damage with heavy alkaline plate cleaners
  • Removes scratches by rubbing into scratch while making sure all ink is removed
  • Removes scum and toning
  • Conditions non-image area to be water receptive

Recommendations: Use a trigger sprayer and adjust nozzle to fit your needs spraying on form roller or plate. Alternatively you can pour a liberal amount onto a clean sponge, shop towel or cotton wipe. Wipe over area using a side-to-side motion.

Container Size: Quarts

Plate Type: CtP plates


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