CtP Systems

We offer thermal and visible light CtP systems, which are both scalable, maintaining production consistency and workflow growth at the same time. Both Thermal and Violet systems support a range of sizes from 30 to 80 inches and offer speed options in automation configuration from manual, semi-automatic and total automation.

The Avalon VFL thermal imaging systems bring a new level of quality, flexibility and reliability to computer-to-plate imaging. High-definition CtP provides exceptional image quality and unbeatable printability using a HD (high definition) optical system, a three-pin registration system, a unique external-drum design and high-powered processing.

Plate Systems

EGS offers many types of Agfa's digital and analog plates that include Chemistry-free, Thermal, Visible Light and Polyester. Our broad line of plates lets you meet the specific requirements of your applications and allows you to choose the imaging technology, throughput, format, run length, and working environment that best matches your needs.

Digital Plates
Azura C65 COU
With Azura C65, Agfa Graphics offers an entry-level clean-out unit for stand-alone usage with Azura TS plates up to 65 cm width. The table top model is designed to handle a yearly plate production of up to 5000 m² of plates. The clean-out of the Thermofuse non-image area is done with gum in combination with mechanical brushing. 20 liter of water based gum solution circulates in closed loop and will do 300 m² of plate volume, just like with the well-known clean-out units.
Azura C95 – C125 COU
With Agfa’s well known Azura C95 and C125, Agfa Graphics covers the mid-range chemfree thermal applications. Both units are specifically designed for Azura TS plates allowing widths up to 95 and 125 cm. The clean-out of the Thermofuse non-image area is done with gum in combination with mechanical brushing. 20 liter of water based gum solution circulates in closed loop and will do 300 m² of plates and a yearly plate volume of up to 15.000 m².
Azura CX 85 - CX 125 COU
Following customer demands from all over the world, Agfa introduces Azura CX 85 and Azura CX 125. Both units bring the Thermofuse offering on a new level, and offer the well known Azura benefits now in high-end demanding applications. Both units are specially designed for Azura TS plates allowing widths up to 85 and 125 cm. The clean-out of the Thermofuse non-image area is done with gum in combination with mechanical brushing. The water based gum circulates in cascade loop with two shallow trays. This increases the clean out efficiency and results in a reduced gum consumption (20 ml/m²). This concept also enables a longer bath life autonomy of up to 7000 m² and a yearly plate consumption of up to 40.000 m².
Azura TS
Agfa Graphics' Azura TS is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important. It provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without chemical processing. Elimination of chemistry removes all process variables and simplifies platemaking, giving you clear, consistent results. Azura TS users benefit from one of the simplest, most reliable and predictable CtP technologies ever created.
Azura Vi
Based on proven photopolymer technology, Azura Vi is sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, but, instead of requiring a chemical developer for processing, Azura Vi is Agfa Graphics' first violet plate designed for chemistry-free operation.
Elantrix HX
With Elantrix HX, Agfa Graphics offers a new series of heavy-duty thermal plate processors. Elantrix is designed for different plate widths and offers you a large production capacity while maintaining high quality results.
Elantrix SX
The Elantrix SX processor range includes 95, 125 and 150 versions which have been developed for up to 30,000m² of annual thermal plate usage and deliver stunning results. The Elantrix 150 is designed for VLF users and is rated for even higher plate throughput.
Energy Elite
Energy Elite is a no-bake thermal plate designed for today’s press environment; offering full compatibility with alcohol free and alcohol replacement founts, as well as UV inks, without the need for baking.
Lithostar Ultra LAP-V
Agfa Graphics' Lithostar plates produce high-resolution image quality for a wide range of visible-light imaging applications. Lithostar provides high quality output easily encompassing the very high Sublima screen frequencies and has excellent performance on press.

Analog Plates
Zenith N555 Zenith N555 - All-purpose plate for commercial printing applications. Proven performance in commercial and newspaper printing and packaging. High-resolution for excellent print quality.
SF2 is well suited to high-resolution offset press environments. They are designed to deliver excellent results on a variety of presses. A vacuum assist layer ensures lasting contact between the film and the plate, while fast exposure times help you make plates faster.  

Films and Paper

Agfa gives you the widest range of digital inkjet media including options for fine art reproduction, wide-format display printing, backlight signage and outdoor graphics.

AgfaJet Digital Printing Media
  • AgfaJet Photograde Paper Eco-Solvent Plus
  • AgfaJet Photograde Piezo Paper
  • AgfaJet Poster Paper
  • AgfaJet Premium Paper (90, 120, 170 g)
  • AgfaJet Premium Vinyl
  • AgfaJet Universal Backlit Film Dye
  • AgfaJet Universal Canvas
  • AgfaJet Universal Frontprint Film
  • AgfaJet Universal Instant Dry Photograde Paper (170g)
  • AgfaJet Universal Instant Dry Photograde Paper (250g)
  • AgfaJet Universal Photograde Paper Dye
  • AgfaJet Universal Wet Strength Paper

  • AgfaJet Media

    Combines sharp imaging and fast exposure for precise dot reproduction. Provides high-quality imaging, wide-imaging latitude, professional performance and demage prevention.
    I-CQ, I-CQM
    I-FR, I-FRM, I-FR7M

    Provides exceptional quality, better performance, easy-to-handle, low investment and operating cost.

    Developed for screen and flexo printing. It lets to make low resolution black line and half tone images & color separations.