Flexo Packaging - Doctor Blades

Benton Steel Doctor Blades

Type B - Single-beveled edge allows for immediate metering. Bevels are available from 20 to 60 degrees.
Type C - Short chemically reduced step yielding added stiffness. Tip thickness is customized for the application.
Type D - Both sides have a smooth round metering edge.
Type E - Mechanically slit blade provides a square edge. This blade does not have a smooth edge and is not recommended for doctoring, but can be used as containment (plastic only).

Esterlam Doctor Blades are precision engineered from advanced engineering polymers that are tougher yet less abrasive than steel and composite based materials. The result – production and safety benefits plus cost savings for the end user.

Advanced performance blade range with added rigidity, suitable for wide and narrow web process and fine coating applications plus high end corrugated, envelope and tissue production.
Thinner gauge enclosure blade run as standard in various retrofit chamber systems.
E3 &E5
High quality enclosure/retainer blade range that gives reliable and consistent long life performance in all major enclosed chamber systems.
High performance polyester blade range suitable for high quality packaging, label and fine coating applications.
High quality, long life blade range suitable for solid and line work applications that require greater wear resistance.

BTG Duroblade Flexo improves the performance of any type of flexographic printing operation, regardless of whether you’re using web or sheet machines, black & white or color process, paper or other substrates, or water-based or solvent-based inks. The Duroblade tip doesn't deteriorate in contact with pigment particles. Blades last up to eight times longer, and the ultra-smooth ceramic surface ensures optimum print quality throughout the print run. Read more ...

Allison Blades
Allison Systems doctor blade manufacturing process controls and documents blade quality. All of their blade materials and edges are performance-engineered for real presses, inks, and substrates. Their processes also verify critical base material properties, so that there are no expensive surprises on your presses. For a link to their web site, please click here.

Metal Blades:

Steel is the material of choice for high quality and repeatable doctoring results.

- Carbon steel blades are a good economical choice when used with short-run process jobs on non-porous substrates and inks that are not very abrasive.
- Long-life tool steel blades are excellent for use with abrasive inks, such as white inks or other inks with high percentages of titanium dioxide, or solids or rough anilox rolls.
- Coated carbon or long-life tool steel blades are used to improve blade performance, increased lubrication, and provide corrosion resistance.

Plastic Composite Blades:

For Flexo, Coating, and Gravure applications our composite and plastic blades are designed to offer cost-effective performance for specific needs ranging from flexo containment blades to high speed gravure printing.

- Allison Systems produces a variety of both composite and specialized plastic doctor blades to meet your needs for flexo doctoring, flexo containment, gravure, and specialty applications.
- Composite doctor blades are used on laser-engraved ceramic anilox rolls and provide longer life at high speeds when compared to carbon or stainless steel blades.
- For doctoring applications, plastic blades have to be thicker than metal or composite blades to provide the same rigidity.