Pressroom Inks

Taniguchi and Van Son are two worldwide ink companies we represent across Canada. In partnership with both companies, we are able to provide a variety of printing ink solutions.

Taniguchi Ink provides a range of offset sheetfed lithographic inks for different applications. Taniguchi has specifically manufactured a broad range of EGS inks. They have built up their business by providing top quality ink, technical support and fast service.

We offer the following value added services to our customers.
• Complete technical service and advice, including prompt on-site service
• Free colour matching service
• Evaluation and analysis of ink and paper
• Analysis of water, fountain solution and other press chemicals
• Evaluation of printing jobs and other materials
• Free seminars and training on the use of our products
Laser Safe
EGS90 S & EGS90 SS
EGS90 Matte
EGS90 Non-Porous
EGS90 Enviro
EGS90 Hard Dry
EGS Lightfast
EGS90 Non Porous
EGS90 Onyx
EGS90 Waxfree

Sheet Fed – Small Format

Sheet Fed – Large Format
EGS90 S & EGS90 SS

Business Forms

EGS90 Waterless

Tack Reducer
Hard Dry Compound

Specialty Inks
EGS90 Non Porous
EGS90 Lightfast
EGS90 Permanent Pigments
EGS90 Metallic
EGS90 Flourescent

Extra Matte
High Gloss
High Slip - Matte or Gloss
Super High Gloss

Since 1872 Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance in pressrooms around the world.

Ernest Green & Son (EGS) is Canada’s only National Dealer directly serviced by Holland.
Van Son inks all have similar characteristics:

  • excellent ink / water balance
  • great mileage
  • sharp printing
  • environmentally friendly
  • powerful colours
  • fast drying and most importantly they run trouble free

In addition to an exceptional product line, there is available product self-help literature combined with Van Son / EGS technical assistance, this has made for a great partnership for over 30 years.

Anti-Ghosting Varnish V5050
Matte Overprint Varnish V5080
Matte Varnish 2171 & Gloss Varnish 2175
Multiplast Varnish V5087
Sonshine V5040
Specialty Inks
Black Inks - Quickson Extreme Black
Mega Laser
Metallic - Unipak Gold & Silver
Tough Tex - nonporous

Laser Safe
Quickson Pro

Sheet Fed (small format)

Oil Base
Quickson Pro5
Digi Inks
Pantone Guides

Business Forms

Oil Base Inks
Quickson Pro

Formulated to work with ease on any size press you operate, and on any application
• Maximum performance on any size offset press
• Super fast setting speed
• Excellent rub resistance


Overprint Varnishes

Sonshine High Gloss
• Matte
• Multiplast
• Aquavarnish

Oxidizing Inks
Tough Tex and Tough Tex LR

For non-porous or varnished surfaces
• Dries by oxidation
• Exceptional fade resistance and rub resistance
• Laser safe


Fluorescent Inks

Van Glo fluorescent inks produce the finest in high impact visibility printing. These inks offer fast drying, great printability, and high rub resistance with incredible lithographic brilliance on all offset presses. Packaged in 1 lb cans, Van Glo is available in stock Pantone Fluorescent colors and custom order special mixes.

Metallic Inks
Unipak Gold & Silver

Metallic printing ink series for any size offset press
• Unipak has high brilliance, and good printability
• Excellent rub resistance
• Extremely opaque


Rubber Base Inks

For uncoated papers
• For all plate systems
• Conventional or integrated dampening systems
• Will not skin in the can or on the press
• Ideal for thermography, forms and envelope printers
• Immediate setting


Waterless Inks

Compatible with all waterless plates and presses
• Dries hard and fast to a high gloss surface
• Wide Critical Tone Temperature (CTT) range between 65°-95°F
• High density, low dot gain makes SonaDry ideal for the highest quality waterless reproduction

Digi-Ink™ is engineered to provide high performance results in today’s most popular digital duplicators.

• Dries fast due to its dense pigmentation
• Eliminates smudging, offsetting and tracking
• Produces more copies per cartridge
• Unparalleled levels of density and sharpness
• Provides consistent and reliable performance