Flexo Packaging - Mounting Tapes

In partnership with 3M, Lohmann, Adheso-Graphics, Harley and Permacel we offer stickyback, tapes and other related products in full rolls and customized widths.

Lohmann's plate mounting adhesive tapes not only secure printing plates, but also optimise cylinder rolling and printing pressure adjustment.
Adhesive tapes with fabric carrier for fixing printing plates (particularly of rubber) and for making rubber blankets self-adhesive.
Duplomont foam adhesive tapes for compressible mounting of photo-polymer printing plates in high-quality flexographic printing.
Adhesive tapes with film carrier for hard mounting of flexoprint and metal printing plates.
Compressible tapes with foam carriers in four degrees of hardness and two thicknesses for compressible mounting of printing plates in high-quality flexographic printing.
The newly developed mounting tapes:

Duploflex 1000
The thin plate mounting tape is to secure bond between a commpressible sleeve and a flexo plate.

DuploFLEX ultra The new adhesive tape system that was especially developed for flexo printing.


Established in 1967, supplies all types of PSA tapes, single coated, double coated, cloth, vinyl, cushion, specialty items for cylinder build up, for general industrial and special applications including FlexStik and FlexSoft. Our current market with Adheso-Graphics include Corrugated Flexographic Printers, Narrow Web Flexible Packaging, Offset Printing Blanket and Rotary Letterpress Printing.


Flexographic Mounting Systems provide a wide choice of adhesive formulations, foam densities, and tape thicknesses for the results your customers demand.

Cushion-Mount Plus Combination Printing Tapes
Cushion-Mount Plus Process Printing Tape
Cushion-Mount Solid Printing Tape
Cylinder Mount Build-Up Tape
Flexomount Solid Printing Tape
Printing Tapes with Easy Mount Liner