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NASG - Non-Asphaltum Storage Gum

Extend The Shelf Life Of Your CtP & Analog Plates

NASG provides multiple features in a single step. It enables you to wash off the ink, gum the plate and provide a protective film over the image areas. It can be stored for extended periods of time depending on temperature and relative humidity.


  • Gum includes solvents, and resins in a convenient easy to use emulsion
  • Easy to apply, enables it to dry evenly
  • Washes off plates quickly
  • Storage gum has been developed so there is no need to buff


  • Suitable for digital and analog plates
  • During start the printer will not see any gum streaks
  • No image blinding
  • Plates can be stored for as long as needed in the right environment

Recommendations: Add a liberal amount to a damp shop towel or sponge; apply sufficient pressure until ink is removed from the surface of the plate. Using a clean surface from the same towel or sponge, wipe any remaining ink or cleaner, then let the plate dry before storing

Container Size: Quarts


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