Pressroom Colour Management Pantone

The Pantone Matching System is a colour identification system for selecting, specifying, matching, and controlling ink colours. Pantone will keep your colour accurate and consistent wherever your work is being done. Pantone has developed a new product called the Color VANTAGE. Photographs artwork and PANTONE Colors will print with superior results when compared to other manufacturers' inks.

Pigmented inks providing superior results on wide format printers.
GEB103 Color Cue2
A hand spectro-colorimeter that is programmed with PANTONE Color data.
Once a color is identified the data is made available through a simple scrolling feature. PANTONE Color ink formulas and CMYK, CMYK EURO, ADOBE RGB, sRGB, HTML, LHEXACHROME and XYZ values in a single device.
GGS201 color bridge coated
Good for selecting and specifying solid PANTONE colours on coated stock;
Determine how PANTONE colour will appear when reproduced in CMYK;
Create optimal display of PANTONE colours on monitors and web pages.
GPS205 essentials
It includes 6 products, the PANTONE formula guide (coated, uncoated & matte), the four colour process guide (coated & uncoated) and the color bridge (coated).
Formula guides – Include Unique PANTONE Number and ink mixing formulation
GP1201 two-guide set - coated & uncoated 1114 colours
GP1202 three-guide set - coated & uncoated & matte 1114 colours
GG1203 solid matte guide - 1114 colours on matte stock
GG1105 metallic guide & chips coated - contains the full chromatic range of 204 metallic colours printed with or without overprint varnish. Two convenient tear oct strips for each colour.
GG1106 pastel guide & chips - coated & uncoated - contains 126 pastel colours on coated and uncoated stock and two tear-out strips.
Solid chips
GP1203 two-book set - 6 perforated chips for each colour for coated and uncoated stock
GP1204 three-book set - 6 perforated chips for each colour for coated, uncoated and matte stock
GB1203 matte - 6 perforated chips for each colour for matte stock
GB1106 coated metallic chips
Contains the full chromatic range of 204 metallic colours printed with or without overprint varnish. Five convenient tear out strips, including ink formulations.
GPS204 process guide - four colour set
It is printed on brighter whiter and more durable paper that designers prefer. Customers printing in four colour process select colour from actual printed samples on coated or uncoated stock. It provides the screen print percentages to create the colours in desktop applications. It shows CMYK at 25%, 50%, 75% as well as 100%.
GP1205 Tints - four guide set
Eight tints per PMS colour are displayed (10% to 80%). There are 1114 screen tints in this set on coated and uncoated paper. Each colour includes a halftone example and is printed as type and line rules. Each tint illustrates black, colour and reverse type effects and bleeds off the page for ease and accuracy in colour checking.