Flexo Packaging - Photopolymer Plates

Our new partnership with FlintGroup gives us the opportunity to provide high quality photopolymer plates and print solutions to the flexo industry.

Formed through the merger of BASF Printing Systems and ANI Printing Inks, FlintGroup provides and supports print solutions since 30 years. Together we offer BASF water wash photopolymer, solvent and photopolymer processing chemicals, image setting film, contact and duplicating film and film chemicals as well as BASF Plate processing equipment.

Listed below are some of the FlintGroup products that are available through EGS.

Printing plate is versatile to be used in many areas
• Specialized applications: ACE, AFC, FAH, ACT, FAR, ART, FAC-x, sprint, FE
• Nyloflex digital allows a filmless, digital data transfer onto the printing plate: ACE -DII, FAH - DII, ACT - DII,
ART - DII, FAC - DII, Gold A - DII.


The nyloprint product range is to meet all the necessary requirements: printing plates on foil, steel or aluminium base, letterpress or pad printing plates, conventional or digital plate processing, flat or on the round, smooth or texturred surfaces.


Environment-friendly platemaking with improved working conditions: nylosolv - the first alternative wash-out solvent free from perchloroethylene (PER), and thus CFC-free.
Available as nylosolv II and nylosolv A.

II -
A - nylosolv A