Pressroom Press Packing

The quality of the print you get from your blanket can depend on the quality of the Press or Plate Packing. We are able to offer you three types. Paper packing is the most cost effective. When ordering please provide us with the grain direction across the cylinder.


Engineered to exact specifications, consistent caliper to all edges, anti- slip coating, uniform and dense calibration as well being economical. It is suitable for packaging, sheet-fed and web applications. Available in .002 to .016 thickness. Packaging can vary depending on your requirements.


Calibrated, durable polyester films for underpacking of offset cylinders. There is no swelling, no water or washes are absorbed, durable resistant to chemicals, can be reused if stored properly. Available in thickness .002 to .010 as well as .012 and .014 can be provided. It has a glossy back and can be used on the plate or blanket cylinder.


Similar product to the above, with an adhesive back that effectively eliminates packing slippage, and accurate packing on the blanket or plate cylinder. No swelling, resistant to chemicals, will not absorb water or blanket washes. Adhesive backing is suitable for high-speed web presses. Available in .002 to .010, .012, .014, .016, .020, .022 and .024 thickness.