Pressroom Chemistry - Allied

Allied Pressroom Chemistry and Ernest Green & Son have been working together for over 40 years
servicing the Canadian market. We are their exclusive distributor in Canada. Allied has been in business
since 1952 servicing the North & South American market as well as Europe.Allied's goal is to develop
environmentally safe chemistries as well as produce the next generation of products for printers who are
converting from analog to digital plate technology. These 'new' products include fountain solutions, wetting
agents, alcohol extenders, plate cleaners, gums and specialty products.

We have identified some key products that are readily available. Please click on one of the
newest key products that are catching everyone's interest. All Star Fount, CTPC, Relief,
Alcohol Extender, NASGUM and EWM.

Washes / Conditioners / Metering Roller
MRC 88
Meter-X III Metering Roller Cleaner

Plate Cleaners / Gums / Developers
Dyna Might
Finisher Preserver Cleaner (FPC)
PC 93
Plate Fix
Plate Storage Gum (PSG)
Scratch Remover R
Universal Plate Cleaner (UPC)
Roller Relief
S.F.A. Negative 2 in 1 Developer
CTPC - Plate Cleaner
Specialty Products
Anti Foam
Bubba Scrub
Ink Repellent
Liquid Muscle
Mold Stop
Roller Lube
Systems Cleaner-LIQUID
Magnifying Glass
Ink Knives

Fountain Solutions
All Star
Dynafount ARSP M
Enviro Powder
Alcohol Replacement / Reducer
Alcohol Extender (Reducer)
Hydro Dyne
Hydro Plus

Fountain Additives