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Calcium Surfactant Remover for use on Rollers and Blankets

Relief is used to remove calcium surfactants and paper dust from rollers and blankets. Calcium left on your press for too long, causes a hard coating around the roller train, which results in loss of ink, water balance and other related problems, such as plate tinting, scum, and loss of ink or poor image transfer from the blankets are eliminated easily. Using Relief can help when changing paper widths caused by raised paper lines from previous roll.


  • Super concentrated formula to handle harsh conditions
  • Capable of handling calcium build up and paper dust problems
  • Great for ongoing roller and blanketing maintenance


  • Easy to use during normal build up
  • Removes surfactant residues, calcium from rollers
  • Removes calcium paper dust from blanket and improves image transfer
  • Restores performance of the inking and dampening system


On Rollers: Use normal solvent to rinse off ink rollers. Back off clean-up blade or wash-up device. Apply Relief thoroughly wetting the entire ink train, allow it to work for a few minutes, add more if needed. It should start to turn white and foam up a little. Rinse off with water.

On Dampening Systems: Remove ink build up using a metering roller cleaner. Use Relief to clean dampening systems as usual. Wash with water.

On Blankets. Remove ink with normal press wash, then wash blanket with Relief.

Container Size: Quarts


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