Pressroom Colour Management Tobias

Tobias began in 1959, invented and produced the first bench top digital transmission densitometer and the first automatic scanning densitometer. They have a wide range of Densitometers and specialty products for the press, prepress, flexo, gravure, newspaper and label manufacturing. Contact your Ernest Green & Son representative for more information, prices, special offers, new products and availability of demo units.

Black & White Densitometers: Reflection
RBP Black & White Densitometer - press, newspaper

Black & White Densitometers: TransmissionTQ
Black & White Densitometer - prepress
TQ+ Black & White Densitometer - prepress screen
TQ-OP Opacity Meter - for plastic film packaging industry e.g. fancy food, cigarette packaging, requiring translucent films and various transparent inks
TBX Black & White Transmission Densitometer - prepress
Colour Densitometers: Reflection
Colour Densitometers: Reflection
IQ150 Color Densitometer - press, newspaper, flexo, gravure, label
IQ200 Color Densitometer - press, newspaper, flexo, gravure, label
RCP Color Densitometer - press, newspaper
Colour Densitometers: Scanning
SD3 ColorBar Scanning Densitometer - newspaper
SDT ColorBar Scanning Densitometer - press, flexo, gravure, label
SXY 2-axis Scanning Densitometer - flexo
Specialty Products
Computer to Plate
Plate-Chek Plate Dot Meter - press, prepress
EPLEX - Digital Ink Key Presetting System - press, flexo, newspaper

Plate Scanner
PLX – Plate Scanner - press, prepress

Wejex S Sensitometer
Works well with TBX
Specialty Products
Color Bars - press, prepress
Paramag – Magnifier – prepress