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Established in 1949, Graphtec's corporate philosophy emphasizes the pride every member takes in the company's products. The pride comes through at all stages, from preliminary planning and design to final delivery. This commitment does not stop at the factory door. It extends to services and customer-support personnel around the world, because Graphtec never forgets what is at stake every time you choose one of its products. For additional information on their web site, please click here.

R o l l - F e e d    C u t t i n g    P l o t t e r s

FC8600 Series - High Performance Cutting Plotter

The FC8600 series high-performance cutting plotter is an industry leader for sign makers, graphic artists, automotive aftermarket professionals, countertop installers and other related users.

The FC8600 series features a maximum cutting speed of 58.5 in/sec, 4.0G maximum acceleration, and 20 to 600g selectable cutting forces, allowing users to process diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, automotive window & paint protection films, self-adhesive vinyl, Amberlith™ and Rubylith™, among other media types.


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Control Panel

Achieve Good Tracking

Contour Cutting/Print & Cut

Create Cutting Conditions

Operate Cutter Controller

Perforated Cutting ~ Create
Pop Out Stickers


Cutting Master 3 & FC8600

Install & Setup

FC8600 AKZ — High Performance Automotive Styling

The FC8600 AKZ has a maximum cutting speed of up to 58.5 inches per second delivering a cutting force up to 600gf — delivering unsurpassed 50 feet* tracking.

With Graphtec's proprietary advanced ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system, the FC8600 AKZ delivers perfect contour cutting — adjusting for a variety of distortions that can occur during the printing process. Match any FC8600 AKZ with any wide format printer and you have the ultimate solution for creating large-format stickers, vehicle graphics and wraps.


FC8600 AKZ
CE6000 CE6000 Series - Professional Class

The Graphtec professional class of CE6000 cutting plotters update the extremely successful CE5000 series with improved features. The CE6000 series is also cleaner, "greener" with an electronic design and manufacturing process that minimizes the environmental impact of the hardware equipment throughout its entire life cycle.

  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics
  • Includes Graphtec ARMS
  • Up to 300 & 450 grams of force
  • 1 Table top, desktop Size (15")
  • 2 Included Stand Sizes (24" and 48"
  • CE6000

    CE6000-120 AKZ - Aftermarket Automotive Specialty

    The CE6000-120 AKZ delivers best in class performance on a variety of automotive customizing media from window tint to paint protection film.

    With the included Graphtec ARMS — cutting vinyls and contour cutting pre-printed media from most any laser, solvent and water-based inkjet are what Graphtec cutting plotters are famous for.

  • Cut Window Tint Film
  • Cut Paint Protection Film
  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics
  • Includes Graphtec ARMS
  • Up to 450 grams of force
  • 48" Cutting
  • CE6000-120AKZ


    CE6000 - 120AP Cutting Plotter

    The CE6000-120AP (Apparel Pattern Cutting & Marking) is a Graphtec high-speed, professional cutting plotter designed specifically as an output machine device for apparel CAD systems. It handles a wide variety of pattern paper in widths up to a maximum of 1180 mm (when using a 2-inch core), and in a thickness range of from 64 to 130 g/m2.

    The CE6000-120AP cutting plotter helps turn garment designs into patterns both rapidly and accurately.

    Innovative features include maximum cutting speeds of 39 ips (48" CE6000-120AP) and with a maximum cutting force of 450g.  It also features an easy to use menu navigation system with eight groups of preset conditions which facilitates instantaneous recall of pre-programmed job-specific plotter setups.


    Silhouette Cameo®

    The Silhouette CAMEO® connects to your computer, allowing you the freedom to cut all your fonts, download thousands of designs from the Silhouette Online Store, or design shapes of your own with the included software.

    The small footprint and the ability to cut vinyl, heat applied transfers — and also cut pre-printed designs from your desktop printer makes the Silhouette CAMEO™ perfect for your mobile sign applications, customized apparel and takeaways at kiosks, plus more.


    Silhouette Cameo
    F l a t b e d    C u t t i n g    P l o t t e r s

    FC2250 Series - Large Flatbed With ARMS

    The FC2250 Large Format flatbed cutting plotter is available in 3 table sizes — 24"x36", 47"x36" and 68.5"x36" table sizes, with optional tool head configurations and material hold-down systems. Dual Head Design features 500 grams and 1000 grams maximum down force for more efficient marking and cutting workflows.


    FC4500 Series - Compact Flatbeds

    The FC4500 Series are intermediate-format, professional flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing a wide variety of materials with accuracy — compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making. The series includes two table top models, the FC4500-50 and the FC4510-60. An optional stand (shown) is available for the FC4510-60.