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swissQprint is an independent company that develops and manufactures the high-end digital printing systems used by professionals to apply lettering and artwork onto a wide variety of surfaces. Their long-standing experience and specialisation make them a driver of innovation in digital printing technology. Graphics businesses and industrial companies turn to them for well-engineered, practical solutions that promote real competitive advantage based on their breadth of applications and forward-looking design. For additional information on their web site, please click here.

O r y x

A high-end flatbed printer, designed as much for the graphic industry as it is for industrial purposes. Capable of high-precision digital flatbed printing onto everything from the smallest panel, through roll material to oversize media, all with widely differing properties. With a high performing vacuum system that even has heat-sensitive substrates under control. And boasting first-class quality, not just in its robust design and construction, but also in the printed results.

The cost-effective economy model has a striking amount to offer. It is equipped with eight colour channels. 512 nozzles in the print head deliver a visual print resolution of up to 2150 dpi with 9 pl droplet. Oryx prints a maximum speed of 70 m² per hour in draft mode.


I m p a l a

Impala. That is the name of the secret weapon for the graphic industry and industrial companies who place their bets on up-to-date digital direct printing. Universal and modular, the UV printer Impala is future-oriented and multi-talented when it comes to applications. It is robust, works with exceeding precision and delivers outstanding print quality – because Impala is thoroughly Swiss made.

1024 nozzles per print head and an impressive output of 130 m²/h have made Impala the trio's most sold. The standard CMYK may be enhanced by as many as five additional channels. They include white, light- or spot colours, varnish and even primer for printing on glass.


N y a l a

An extra large print bed measuring 3.2 by 1.6 metres offers more than enough room for the most popular panel formats. Nyala is an unbeatable high-performance machine with nine colour channels that processes material at a maximum rate of 140 m²/h. Performance can be increased to 200 m²/h by utilising quadruple CMYK configuration.


Demo Video:

Nyala Flatbed CCMMYYKK

Tandem Operation

In tandem operation, machine and operator join forces for continuous, non-stop action:
maximum productivity of the system, fitness training for the staff.

The principle is straightforward: media can be loaded onto the printing table from both the front and rear. While printing is underway on one side, the operator loads the other side, and vice versa – so work continues without interruption.

The vacuum table has front and rear sections, both with the usual continuous adjustment. A side benefit is that the rear section can be shut off when normal jobs are being printed on the front section only – no masking needed.

High-volume producers of identical (Step and Repeat) or differing (Shadow files) media stand to benefit most from the tandem function. With personalised printed materials in particular, this option is worth its weight in gold. A case study proves 37 % higher productivity.

Hot folder
The tandem technique brings huge time savings, especially with the Step and Repeat and Shadow files printing modes. Workflow optimisation is also an important factor here, helped along by "hot folders". These contain predefined RIP-related processes, so the appropriate steps execute automatically when you drag a file to one of these folders. In the best-case scenario, all an operator has to do is confirm that the machine is loaded, and printing starts.

swissQprint Tandem

Demo Video:


Roll To Roll Option

The roll to roll option converts your swissQprint machine into a roll printer. It reliably unwinds and winds up rolls with up to 80 kg in weight and 360 mm in diameter. An integrated controller monitors and regulates the traction force for a flawless print image.

Whether vinyl, fabric, mesh or other roll material, swissQprint systems can handle them all. And that across the full printing width of 2.5 metres (Oryx/Impala) or 3.2 metres (Nyala). Setting up and changing rolls is easy, and once the job is started the roll to roll printer continues working without supervision.

A well-designed, stable roller system conveys the material across the printing table and winds it up cleanly on the other side. An integrated control system regulates the tension and guarantees a perfect print image every time. On our roll to roll printer it is possible to apply multiple colour layers in one pass and hence all layers are absolutely register-true as a result.

Demo Video:

Roll to Roll Option


Nyala Flatbed CCMMYYKK swissQprint Tandem Demo Video swissQprint Roll to Roll Demo Video