Wide Format Inks

UV, solvent and eco-solvent inks have revolutionized wide format imaging mostly in the outdoor printing. These inks provide a long-lasting solution and cost savings. Aqueous inks are also prominent in a wide format printing especially in the fine arts and photographic reproduction markets and are environmentally friendly.

We are offering a wide range of inks in order to meet your business requirements:

  • UV inks have a very fast curing time under a strong ultra violet light source. They do not dry in the screen and have a great colors but do not work on all substrates.
  • Solvent inks can be a mild-solvent ink known as an eco-solvent or hard solvent.
  • Eco-solvent ink uses slow-drying liquids.
  • Hard-solvent inks dry faster and can soften up the media surface.
  • Aqueous inks are based on mixture of water, glycol and dyes or pigments. These inks are mainly used with disposable, thermal inkjet heads.
  • Dye inks dry quickly, dry on coated paper and stamp well but may fade with time.
  • Pigment inks are thick, rich, fade resistant and work well on any paper. Their colors are bright and vivid.

Mutoh's MP Ink are designed with the environment in mind, our Multi-Purpose (MP) Ink is made of 60% BIO-based materials, meaning no Hazardous Air Pollutants or metals. Because MP Ink is mostly plant derived, your working environment will be a much more enjoyable place to work. The adhesion, abrasion, and color vibrancy characteristics of the ink make for incredibly durable images that will still look great years after they were printed. MP Ink provides increased adhesion and abrasion characteristics. Earth friendly materials make MP Ink a "green" ink.

Formulated for excptional durability, Eco-Ultra features unbeatable scratch resistance under the harshes conditions, which is critical to the production of banners and other graphics. Revolutionary Eco-Ultra is more efficient that ever, providing rich ink density for bright vivid prints, quicker drying time, and no-odor or fumes.

Outré inkjet inks are designed specifically for HP Designjet aqueous printers. These inks (dye or UV) when used with the correct printer model, are guaranteed to perform as well as the OEM with increased head life as a major benefit.

Outré Ink products include: UV (Pigment) - Microporous approved, UV (Pigment) - Non microporous, and Dye. For additional details, click here.

Epson Inks are more beautiful, more lifelike - Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink dramatically improves the quality of your prints and brings you a whole new level of colour control. For additional details, click here.

View some recommended HP ink cartridges for wide format printers. For additional details, click here.