Wide Format Media - 3M                                                                                                            

Banner Materials

- RG8450 Banner material, single / double sided, 13oz.;
- RG8452 Banner material, single / double sided, 15oz.;
- RG8451 Banner material, single sided, 12oz. for cut graphics;

These banners are available in different configurations to meet the needs of multiple banner constructions used both indoors and outdoors. Some materials can be printed on both sides.

Piezo Ink Jet Films

- IJ160-10, RG160-10 Controltac Plus graphic film - positionable, removable;
- IJ160C-10, RG160C-10 Controltac Plus film with Comply Adhesive;
- IJ162-10, RG162-10 Controltac Plus - removable, for floors;
- IJ180-10, RG180-10 Controltac Plus - positionable, removable;
- IJ180C-10, RG180C-10, IJ180Cv2-10, RG180Cv2-10 Controltac Plus with Comply Adhesive - positionable, removable;
- IJ680-10, RG680-10 Scotchlite, reflective;
- IJ680CR-10, RG680CR-10 Scotchlite, removable, reflective with Comply Adhesive;
- IJ3470-10, RG3470-10 Scotchcal graphic film;
- IJ3552C, RG3552C Controltac with Comply, changeable;
- IJ3555-10, RG3555-10 Scotchcal, changeable;
- IJ3630-20, RG3630-20 Scotchcal, translucent;
- IJ3650-114, RG3650-114 Scotchcal, transparent;
- IJ5100R, RG5100R Scotchlite, reflective, removable;
- IJ8624, RG8624 Scotchcal, film for textured surfaces;
- IJ35 Scotchcal, permament, promotional
- IJ5000 Scotchcal, reflective;
- IJ8171, RG8171 Scotchcal, perforated window graphic film, removable;

Flexible Substrates

- 190 Controltac Plus - Curtain-sided Vehicle Film;
- 946GPS Panaflex awning & sign facing, build-in color;
- 4000, 4050HG Panaflex pre-decorated;
- Panagraphics 2 & 3, with flexible substrate;
- 945GPS Panaflex awning and sign facing for decorating with pigmented translucent film;