Wide Format Software - Color Management Group

Founded in 2003, the Color Management Group is a growing worldwide "think tank" consortium of certified consultants, technicians and resellers. Empowered by Color Management distribution, the CMG has access to a growing portfolio of best-in-class graphic arts solutions.

T U C A N N A    t F L O W

W o r k f l o w    S e r i e s

Version 1.0

Principal Functions:
 - Approval allows unlimited users - no additional user or connection fees.
 - Shorten review cycles.
 - All files, revisions, and comments are stored in one place, reducing email traffic and confusion.
 - Check file quality as early as possible in the process avoiding quality issues in production.
 - No installation required on client side.
 - Review on any device, including mobile devices.
 - Short learning curve for both administrators as well as users.
 - Easily integrate with MIS, Web2Print, or automation workflows (including tFLOW Production).

Version 1.6
Principal Functions:
 - Preflighting.  - Automatic PDF correction and optimization.
 - Automation of repetitive prepress tasks.
 - ICC and Device-Link color management.
 - Parallel file processing.
 - Ink saving.
 - Application of TVI and G7 compensation curves.
 - Simple workflow creation and automation.
 - Mac/Win support.
 - e-mail notifications.
 - Imposition.
 - Creative Suite plugin.
T U C A N N A    P R I N T    C O N T R O L

C o l o r P r o    S e r i e s
Principal Functions:
 - TVI and NPDC calibration methods.
 - Colorimetric determination of print density for widest gamut and best color match.
 - Optimization and control of primary as well as secondary colors.
 - Curve calculation for optimizing printing plates as well as digital printing.
 - Grey balance analysis.
 - Paper classification and quality control based upon CIELAB values.
 - Knowledge base places all relevant print and standardization information at your fingertips.
 - Wizard-based, optimized print standardization routines to have all prints standardized in just hours.

Version 2.6
Principal Functions:
 - Supports international (ISO 12647-2 and -3 and GRACoL) as well in-house standards.
 - Multiple measurements for averaging - on the same sheet, multiple sheets within a job, or multiple jobs.
 - Editor for defining your own checking parameters as well as control wedges.
 - Direct connection to all of the most common measurement devices.
 - Integrates seamlessly with Intellitrax and EasyTrax.
 - Import and export of data to connect with other systems such as ink formulation and quality control.

PrintControl 2.6
The most simple way to control all of your printing color

PrintControl is your companion for achieving high quality color and meeting standards requirements in a simple and intuitive way. With PrintControl, getting your printing optimized is a question of hours, not days or weeks. Try it and see for yourself how easy good color can be!

Quality Control 2.1
Extend the functionality of your i1 Pro or i1 Pro2

Tucanna Quality Control software makes it easy to take a simple spot measurement with an i1 Pro or i1 Pro2 spectrophotometer, functionality that is not so easy with the supplied software.