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Features and Benefits:
For every user;
Business / Office Graphics;
Photography / Fine Arts;
Pantone Color Matching;
Easy to install & use;
Network accessible across platforms;
Professional quality color every time

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Production House
Thrive 211
Thrive 421/642/862

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Caldera is a software company with more than 20 years’ experience in developing, marketing and supporting high-quality technological software for wide-format imaging with a commitment to increasing productivity, cost-efficiency and colour output. Caldera’s suite of award-winning, production-orientated print and print-to-cut workflow programmes offers colour management, imaging and driving solutions for large- and grand-format peripherals.

What we do : Print & Print-To-Cut Workflow for LFP, True Adobe PDF Workflow, Colour Management, Automated Workflow, Cost Management, LFP Business Management, Digital Signage.

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Color Management Group helps you make your best color. Their catalog offers you the widest selection of color technology available on the web today.

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SA International (SAi) is recognized as a global leader in providing complete, professional software solutions from design to production for the sign making, digital printing, screen-printing and CNC machining industries. The Company's sign design software solutions help turn creative ideas into reality by providing world-class design and editing tools geared for production. EnRoute Software provides CNC software and CAD/CAM design software solutions for the CNC wood working, CNC sign making, manufacturing and fabrication industries.

Wasatch is sophisticated software made easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful printing controls, SoftRIP produces excellent quality color. Whatever your printing goals, you will succeed with SoftRIP.

* Wasatch SoftRIP
* SoftRIP SP for Separations
* SoftRIP Smaller Format Versions
* SoftRIP TX for Textiles
* Variable Data Printing Option
* Contour Cutting Option
* Photoimaging Option

EFI Colorproof™ XF delivers a versatile solution for proofing, large-format production and photographic printing that combines the company’s latest color technology with industry-standard off-the-shelf hardware. The solution offers fast, flexible workflow, power, and expandability and affordability.

ESKO eliminate errors, save time and reduce waste with i-cut Suite. i-cut Suite is a collection of pre-production software targeted specifically at users of large format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems.


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