Pressroom Colour Management X-Rite

The X-rite has a wide range of Densitometers, Spectrophotometers, Chart Readers and specialty products for the press, prepress, flexo, gravure and screen printing. Contact your Ernest Green & Son representative for more information, prices, special offers, new products and availability of demo units.

Black & White Densitometers - Transmission
341 - Portable - measures density and dot area on conventional or high density linear films
361T - Tabletop - measures density and dot area on conventional or high density linear films
Auto Scanning System
Auto scanning system for press side control allows sheet-fed commercial and folding carton printers to maximize productivity and profitability during make-ready and productionIntelliTrax D
IntelliTrax S
IntelliTrax ICC
Colour Spectrodensitometer - Reflection
504 - Entry level, measures any density status quickly
508 - Measures density, dot area & dot gain
518 - Measures density, dot area & dot gain ink trap
520 - For assessing proofs & evaluating , CMS - proofing
528 - Printers who print & process special colours - paper functions
530 - Full spectral, colorimetry or densitometry - prepress, proofs, pressroom, QA
939 - Printing, packaging, proofing & ink formulation applications
Monaco Profiler                                      Monaco QA software
Monaco Proof                                          ColorPort software
Monaco QC software                              ColorShop software
Computer to Plate - provides accurate evaluation of CtP plates
BasicDot - Entry level dot meter to evaluate printing plates with green or blue emulsions
ComboDot - Evaluate halftone film dot area & density as well as dot size, line ruling, screen angle on printing plates of any colour
PlateDot - Evaluate dot size, line ruling screen angle on printing plates with
any color emulsion
PrintDot - Evaluate dot size on various graphic arts media
FlexDot - Measures exact dot size on CtP and flexo printing plates
396 - Dual Color Sensitometer produces
21 step repeatable exposure on film
DTP22 - Economical, can tethered to Windows based proprietary software and the ATS
DTP32 - Automated strip-reading to simplify colour print and film measurements
DTP34 - Calibrates printers, plotters and copiers to ensure consistent colour output
DTP41 - Auto Scan Spectrophotometer - comes with additional options
DTP45 - Strip and spot reading, strorable calibration reference
DTP70 - XY Scanning Spectrophotometer - versatile for colour proofing & workflows